I’m actually so happy that I’m going to see him and sza for my birthday with my favorite person, it’s weird.

Definitely understand that it’s over, but also at peace with whatever descion he makes about being in each other’s life whether it be every now and then just to hang/do something like experience because we’re both so good when it comes to exploring, helloo travel buddies. or shoot each other a text just for conversation. It’s up to him because he’s the one who broke up with me and as surprising as it sounds, I’m more than okay with the break up. If he wants to keep this up, how cool and civil we are, no bad feelings just doing our own thing, then cool, if not then cool, you know? My life is my life and I’m definitely grounded when it comes to me and the reality of things. If he were to last minute say he wants nothing to do with me, I’d be saddened by that but like I said my life is my life and I’d just move along because again, understand the reality of things.

I want what’s best for him and maybe in a better headspace and probably better timing that would’ve been me, but right now, it’s him and his life and no, I’m not waiting around for him to come around. I need to take care of me and WANT to take care of me. Maybe in years, yes, years if things ever happen for each other, but the reality of that is also extremely slim.

I’m just happy I can still enjoy his company with jcole and my birthday 🎉

its like we both are in the same wavelength and I know we’re not going to end up together again after any of those things because again, we understand the reality of things and it’s great that it’s just us wanting to experience and keep exploring, no hidden agendas or whatever. It’s truly beautiful.